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FREE Baseball Insider Newsletter… Insight and information from professional MLB reporters previously available only to major media like FOX Sports, ESPN, USA Today, Sportsline, AOL…

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The Sports Xchange network of professional reporters has provided information and research for major websites and other media, including Baseball Weekly, USA Today, FOX Sports, SportsLine, AOL, Rotowire, EA Sports, and many others.

Now, for the first time, The Sports Xchange is offering inside information from professional baseball reporters to you, straight from the source.

This is your chance to get inside information from the same sources used by FOX Sports, Baseball Weekly, USA Today and others. Now you can get insight and information from professional reporters who create USA Today's popular daily notes and Baseball Weekly's team reports.

My Baseball News delivers information, insight and perspective directly from the source -- The Sports Xchanges' network of full-time pro baseball reporters. You cannot talk to players and coaches or be in the club house or at batting practice. They can. And they will tell you what they know -- year-round.

My Baseball News, powered by The Sports Xchange, arms you with timely team, player and game analysis previously available only for media professionals. Do you want real information for your Fantasy league? Looking for an advantage to beat the odds? Want to be in the know at all times? Then go to the same source the professionals use -- The Sports Xchange and My Baseball News.

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